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Frequently Asked Questions

Q: Do I need to provide anything for the party?

A: We provide all equipment for our games and at least one present for each child. We do ask that you provide a table for the craft session that the children can stand around. As no paints or glues are used, the table (and children) will not be damaged in any way. As many of the games are played in the open, we do ask that you seriously consider the use of sunscreen for the children. We do not provide any food or lollies for the party.

Q: What if I invite more than 15 children?

A: We find that a party works well with 15 children or less, however we understand that when all family members are included, there can be more than 15 children involved. As this requires extra attention and supplies, we have a surcharge of $5.00 per extra child - with an absolute maximum of 24 children due to government adult:child ratios. For 25 children or more, we require an additional fairy (see pricing page). If we arrive and there are 25 children or more, we are unable to provide our service, so please bear this in mind when booking your party. We count all children from 18 months of age as guests at the party.

Q: We have a swing set and a trampoline, can you incorporate them into the party?

A: We are happy to push children on swings and watch them play on trampolines during our time at the party. However, no responsibility will be taken for any injuries that may occur during this play. This also applies to pinyatas, jumping castles, and similar activites.

Q: What about food and birthday cakes?

A: We do not provide any food for the party due to health and safety regulations. We can put you in touch with a great cake maker though! We find it best if there is a nibble table so the children can graze a little, our parties use up quite a bit of their energy! If you decide to have a formal meal, please be aware that this cuts into your party time. We do ask that a table with drinks is available to the children, especially during the summer months. We are happy to incorporate the cutting of your cake into the party. We find that birthday cake seems to be the only thing in the world that can distract children from wanting to see Fairies fly away!

Q: I have boys, how are they included?

A: We encourage the boys to come dressed as wizards, pirates or superheroes. There are normally boys at our parties and as our games are gender neutral, we find the boys enjoy themselves just as much as the girls, particularly with the craft making session!!

Q: Will you stay longer because the kids are having fun?

A: We are happy to extend the length of the party if desired, based on availability. We charge an extra $20 per 15mins or part thereof, per fairy (min 2 fairies). Please remember that this is dependant on availability.

Q: Do you do parties for the tween, teen, and older age groups?

A: Yes we do! We play age appropriate games and tailor each party to the individual's tastes. We have even been known to do the occasional "divorcee" party and have crowned quite a few "mature-age" Fairy Princesses as well.

Q: Is there anything else I should know?

A: If you have any questions, please do not hesitate to contact us at any stage. We are here to make the party as special and easy for you as we can, so if there is anything in particular that you want or have in mind, please talk to us!



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