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I declare the 351st Fairy Festival over!

Wednesday, May 7th, 2008
Hello lovely Fairy Friends!

Well, well, what a fabulous Fairy Festival we had. It tired me out soooo much, it’s taken me a week to get enough energy back to be able to write all about it! (Plus, I’ve had to clean up lots after the party!)

So let me tell you all about it. The afternoon of the festival was a very busy one. Crystal, Blossom, and I ran around putting all the finishing touches on the decorations. Stardust’s Pixie orchestra arrived as we were threading the pink tulle around the chairs, and one of the pixies (Lulu I think her name was) got her wings stuck in a bit of the tulle, but JubJub the elf helped her out of it. We watched Fairy Floss bring out all her goodies – she must have been in her fairy kitchen for a week preparing the feast! I couldn’t resist sneaking a little of the Pistachio fairy floss – and oh boy was it good! I brought out the Sunshine Smarties and Blossom just went crazy (she loves them) and I had to stop her from diving into the big bowl and rolling all around in them! Fairy Raine bought along her grandmothers Cloud Juice, and she handed a crystal teacup to each of us to try – just to make sure she had added enough pearl dust. We all agreed it was the BEST Cloud Juice we had ever tasted.

Petal arrived with the fireflies – it was their job to light the stage during her dance routine and she got them all organised. Seashell bought Mermaid Takumi along to introduce to us – so she would know everyone by the time the festival began. I tested Rainbow’s Fairy Fizz Bomzles and they seemed like they were going to work very well indeed, but it was still daylight and so I couldn’t see what colours they were going to be – you really need to test bomlzes against the night sky to see the colours, but I just didn’t have time the night before.

It seemed like everything was pretty much ready – so I went back to Crystal Castle to have a dewdrop bubble bath and get ready for the big night ahead. I got dressed in my gown that I had made especially for the festival (oh who am I kidding, we Fairies get a new gown made for each and every event in Fairyland!). My gown was made from duckdown – that’s the soft part underneath the feathers from white ducks. All the ducks in Fairyland had been collecting down for me for the whole month and so we had lots and lots to make my dress with. It was the softest, most delicate dress I think I have ever worn, and it was a little fluffy as well! Once or twice during the night, a duckdown feather would float out of my dress, and would generally land somewhere near my nose and tickle me so I would sneeze. All the fairies thought this was funny as when I did sneeze, more feathers would fly out of my dress and make me sneeze even more. Maybe a dress from duckdown wasn’t the best idea (I sneezed LOTS) but at least I was warm and cosy as the night ended up quite cool.

So, the festival itself – let me tell you, I think it was the very best May Day Festival of Fairies that I have ever been to (well, in the last 400 years at least!). Stardust’s pixie orchestra played all our favourite tunes and we were amazed at how wonderfully she had trained the night stars to perform in time with her music. They jumped this way and that, and every now and then, one would go shooting far off into the night sky. Maybe you saw some of this if you were out looking at the stars that night, it can be hard to miss a shooting star as they go whizzing past. (Stardust tells me you should always wish on a shooting star as they generally grab the wish as they fly past). Rainbow set off her Fairy Fizz Bomzles then, and oh my, the colours were spectacular! There was sunshine yellow, rocket red, hot pink (just for Petal and Blossom), perfect purple, bright blue and of course, our favourite multi-coloured rainbow bomzle at the end. Fairy Princess Sparkles jumped a little when it started – something about an incident the year before, but I wasn’t entirely sure what that was all about. She appeared to enjoy the display though and I heard her afterwards telling Rainbow how great it all was. Next on the program was the African Fairies Traditional Tribal Flight – it was truly amazing. They formation flew and created all different African animals in the sky. I saw a giraffe, an elephant, a cheetah and my most favourite was when they formed the shape of a wildebeest. Just amazing work! Stardust’s orchestra played tribal drum beats throughout their display and it created the most wonderful atmosphere.

Next came Seashell’s mermaids singing “Shimmer Shimmer Ocean Glimmer” with Mermaid Takumi doing a special duet harmony with Seashell. They sounded incredible, their voices really did give us happy goosebumps, just like Seashell said they would! Mermaid Takumi was very impressed with Fairy Floss’s sushi as well – I heard her asking Floss for her recipe a little later in the night (way to go Flossy!). Next came Petal’s dance routine. Just as it started, all the tulips, snapdragons and bluebells opened up and the thousands of fireflies that Petal had organised earlier, flew out and lit the stage as bright as Rainbow’s brightest bomzle! Petal led all the Fairy Princesses of Crystal Castle in a dance called “I’m Bringing Fairy Back”. I haven’t seen such a funky dance routine since Petal did her “Summer Flight” for the Fairies of Timberlake Lodge back in August of 2004. I was so proud of my Fairy Princesses. It was obvious that they all put a lot of time and effort into the routine and I heard the LA Fairies talking about some form of movie offer…. fingers crossed for them all.

We all had a bit of a dance then, and more of Fairy Floss’s delicious food. Crystal spilled one of the Flower Kebabs down the front of her snowflake dress and the icicles on it turned all different colours. She quicly raced off then saying she needed to get the finale ready anyway. About 10 minutes later, Stardust’s orchestra sounded their trumpets and we all turned to see what was happening. At just that moment, the Pegasuii from Crystal’s Starfleet Alliance Team burst into the sky. The zoomed in all directions, weaving in and out of each other. They got so close to one another and were so fast, we all gasped and I saw Snowflake put her hand over her eyes a few times. They flew down so low, that we could all feel the wind on our faces as they dashed past. The Alliance team formed a line and then wingtip to wingtip, dove one after the other as if they were diving into a swimming pool. They each zoomed down and then back up high again and did an enormous loop-the-loop, one after the other. Very daredevil I must say! Then, more of Rainbow’s bomzles as the pegasuii flew amongst them – and all of a sudden, Crystal appeared atop Pegasus Regali with an enormous torch fire in her hand which shot flames of multi coloured shooting stars across the night sky. As Crystal began to slowly twirl atop of Pegasus Regali her beautiful snow dress released tiny sparkly snow flakes that fell gently on top of all the Fairy folk. As each snow flake landed it exploded in to a tiny present for each of the Fairies and their friends to take home as a keepsake of their wonderous night. Finally Pegasus Regali flew past me and a tiny gold snowflake landed gently upon my head, leaving the most amazing Autumn Crown for me to wear. The Pegasus Alliance team zoomed through the night sky in a cloud of exploding Gold Bomzles and then disappeared into the dark night sky with the sounds of Fairy oohing and ahhing echoing far behind them. I then declared the night to be over and invited everyone back for a wonderous cup of marshmallow chocolate.

Such fabulous Fairy fun!

Talk to you all soon,

׺°”˜`”°º× The Fairy Queen ׺°”˜`”°º×

Fairy Raine at the May Day Fairy Festival

Wednesday, April 30th, 2008

Hello Fairy Queen and all my Fairy friends!

I have been so ‘Fairy’ busy! I have been sharing new Fairy stories of old with the Fairylings! The lil Fairylings have so many questions and love the stories sooo much that I couldn’t just stop and say no more!!!

I am preparing a special story to share with all of Fairyland at the May Day Festival. I hope I have it finished in time.

I will bring along a little ‘Cloud Juice’, it is a special mix of magic and mayhem passed down through time from my Great Fairy Grandmother who was ‘Fairy’ well known for her Fairy frolics! But that is another story entirely!

I am searching for Fairy shoes that will last all night long if I am to dance and dance and dance until the sun comes up in the morning. Let me know if you see anything suitable for me next time you visit the Midnight Fairy Markets.

I have been to see the seamstress at Fairy Kingdom where they make beautiful gowns for the Fairy Princesses from all over Fairyland. I have chosen a gown of my favourite colour, HAPPY YELLOW! It is such a happy colour. Each time I look at it I cannot help but smile because it makes me feel warm and tickly inside!

I have made a new garland to wear upon my head. I have used rosebuds of yellow and baby breath too. It is fresh and smells wonderful!

P.S., I will add a pinch of giggles and a touch of mischief to the cloud juice too so that everyone is happy all night long.

For now my Fairy Queen I bid you farewell! Have a ‘Fairy’ happy day!

from Fairy Raine x x x x

Rainbow at the Fairy Festival

Saturday, April 26th, 2008

Hi to all my gorgeous fairy friends!

I am so excited for Fairyland’s May Day Festival. It is always such fun! This year I am in charge of creating magical Fairy fizz bomzles that will explode in the night sky. They are so beautiful to watch and if I make them correctly, I’m sure there won’t be any mishaps this year. I’m still not sure if Sparkles has forgiven me for the time I put too much butterfly dust in the mixture and it exploded all over her and her beautiful dress! Whoops! Not this year though. The Fairy Queen kindly said she would test the bomzles for me. (tee hee).

I have also been busy practicing the funky dance routine that Fairy Princess Petal has been teaching all of the Fairies. In fact, we have another rehearsal with Petal this afternoon. I even went to the shops this morning and bought the coolest pair of fluoro pink and blue leg warmers from Jewel’s Jazz Junk. I LOVE that place. Petal is always shopping there too. Today she was in buying a bright pink leotard – probably for this afternoon’s rehearsal.

Well I had better get dressed into my oh so groovy leotard and leg warmers and make my way to Petal’s dance studio. It is quite a long flight from my castle and my Pegasus Breeze is a little under the weather at the moment – the poor thing – so I will have to fly myself there. I do hope she is better for the festival as she will be performing on the first day. Fairy Princess Crystal, being Defender of the Pegasii in Fairyland, has told me that a brew of blue fairyfloss and yellow acorns is just the thing Breeze needs. So I will pick that up from Crystal at rehearsal. Best be off now. Don’t want to be late! Petal makes me do extra stretches if I’m late! Love to all! I will hopefully see you at the festival!

Luv Rainbow xxoxx

Stardust’s Orchestra in the Fairy Festival May Day Celebrations!

Thursday, April 24th, 2008

Hello, hello darling Fairy friends!

Well, I am all of a flutter preparing for our May Day Celebrations! I’ve rounded up all the pixies from far and wide in Fairy Land to play in my orchestra! Pixies are renownd for their beautiful instruments (the silver pixie-flute is so sweet it sounds like the sky singing and mountains sighing), so it should be a wonderful show. We’ve been rehearsing madly for weeks and my right arm is quite tired from conducting.

Along with the beautiful pixie orchestra, I’ve had a chat with all the stars in the night sky and they’ve agreed to do some choreography while the music is playing. It will be like live fireworks!!! With a little help from Fairy Princess Petal on the dance moves, I think it will be wonderful!

I am so excited, what a night it will be!

I had better fly, Fairy Princess Fairy Floss has asked me to sample some of her honey-flavoured fairy floss – and who could say no to that?!

Kisses and starlight!

Fairy Princess Stardust

Crystal and the Alliance at the Fairy Festival!

Tuesday, April 22nd, 2008

Greetings fellow Fairy friends!

The Festival of the Fairies is about to begin!!! I have been working extra extra hard with The Pegasus Starfleet Alliance Team making sure they are all ready for the Grand Fairy Finale… so dont be surprised if you happen to see a pegasus fly past your house!

The best thing of all is that Fairy Princess Rainbow is creating beautiful Fairy fizz bomzles that will explode in the night sky – ooh I shall have to warn Fairy Princess Stardust to put the baby stars in the nursery so they don’t get frightened.

Fairy Princess Snowflake is making me a beautiful gown out of tiny little snow flakes and icicles, but don’t worry I won’t catch a cold as the dress is made out of snow jewels that grow in the middle of the magical snow drop flower!

I am so excited and have been practicing my dance steps and my singing (although I think my singing may be scaring the Pegasii he he he!). I wonder if Fairy Raine is going to able make her delicious cloud juice. It’s soo yummy and changes to a different colour every time you take a sip! I know that Fairy Princess Sparkles is doing something fantabulosly magical but its a surprise. Can you guess what it might be????

Oh goodness me! Pegasus Marigold has just crashed into the daisy patch I best go and rescue her…. again!

See you where the moonbeams end, little Fairy friends.

xox Fairy Princess Crystal xox

Fairy Floss at the Fairy Festival

Thursday, April 17th, 2008

Hello Fairy Flossies!

Well as I am sure you all know the May Day Festival is fast approaching! We are all so busy that we have hardly had time to scratch our wings! I am looking after a lot of food and there are so many different things to worry about! I have to make sure I send the elves to get some fairy beads for me to sprinkle on our fairy bread – they will need to go down to the forest and find the rainbow flowers especially for them! I also have to make 11 different flavours of Fairy Floss! Oh dear – I have to make Pistachio for the Fairy Queen, Chilli for Crystal, Blossom just loves my Cherry blossom flavour & Stardust is all about the Honey! I have rose for Petal, Rainbow for Rainbow, White Chocolate for Snowflake, and Sherbet for Sparkles. Dewdrop for Sundance, Butterfly loves daisy, Raine’s favourite is lightning and Seashell of coarse loves my coral crunch!
Phew! And then I have to make some sushi as requested by Seashell, and there are fairy cakes and gingerbread wands, Dewdrop Punch and flower kebabs! I think I am going to need a lot of elves as it is nearly here and there is so much to do!

Oh No! I think that Pegasus Marigold has crashed into my Daisy patch so I will have to get some more from the Fairy Forest – oh well I had better go. I still need to pick up my dress from Petal who has designed and made me the most beautiful floral gown. It is made of Petals from all different coloured tulips and I can’t wait to see the finished product! I also have to get my shoes from Rainbow that match my dress with every possible colour imaginable! I am sure I will talk to you all soon.

All my most delicious Fairy Love

Fairy Princess Fairy Floss

Fairy Princess Seashell and the Fairy Festival!

Tuesday, April 15th, 2008
Hi there Fairy Friends, big and small, tall and short, young and old, happy and happier!!

I’ve just dried off my wings after my morning swim at my favourite beach in Fairyland. It’s called Lorelei Cove and the waves down there are perfect for swimming through, while rolling over and over! I love to open my eyes under the water and look up through the waves at the bright blue sky and the warm sun!

Before I flew to Lorelei Cove this morning I ate some yummy star fruit with delicious yogurt and then I rubbed lots of sunscreen all over my Fairy self and my face and wings. I couldn’t swim for too long today because I am meeting Fairy Princess Petal and all the other Fairy Princesses for dance rehearsal! That’s right! The May Day Fairy Festival is just around the corner and as well as learning a new dance I’m teaching my Mermaid friends a new song. They are going to sing a song called “Shimmer Shimmer Ocean Glimmer” on the first morning of the Festival. Have you ever heard a Mermaid sing? If you haven’t heard a Mermaid sing yet, I’ll tell you how it sounds. It sounds like clouds filling with rain, a violin with strings made of rainbow, the sound of sunlight sparkling on a puddle, a flower’s yawn as it spreads it’s petals and the laughter of children at a birthday party.. ALL MIXED TOGETHER!!! The voice of a Mermaid gives all the Fairy’s in Fairyland happy goosebumps even on a really hot day!

It’s fun trying to get all the Mermaids together for practice! They are very busy at Oceanic Castle and can only practice at dinner time! So I have been eating dinner with the Mermaids every night for the last week! Guess what their favourite food is at the moment? It’s SUSHI!! An important Mermaid visitor to Oceanic Castle arrived last week and she was all the way from JAPAN! Her name was Mermaid Takumi (that means Pioneer of the Sea in Japanese) and she bought baskets and baskets of Sushi for the Mermaids to try! The Mermaids from Oceanic Castle love Sushi now and so do I! Maybe I should ask Fairy Princess Fairy Floss if we can have Sushi at the Fairy Festival Banquet…. I wonder what else there will be to eat?

Love Fairy Princess Seashell.

Dancing Fairies at the May Day Festival!

Sunday, April 13th, 2008

Hey beautiful Fairy people!

The Fairy Festival is a very exciting time for me. I love to see all the different Fairy dances from all over the world! A big show is put on with exciting dance routines and fabulous costumes, topped off with the largest amount of glitter you will ever see! I am most looking forward to seeing the African Fairies do a traditional tribal flight. Until then however, it is a very busy time!

There is so much for this little Petal to do! I am in charge of stage design and lighting and I am preparing a dance for all the Fairies at Crystal Castle to learn and perform for our guests. The stage is a collage of different coloured leaves piled up and tied together with unicorn tail rope in the shape of a star.

I have to thank the forest elves for helping me collect all the fireflies to light the event. The fireflies will be kept inside bluebell and snapdragons and tulips that will be all around the stage and up and down walkways from the outside of the Castle to the main entrance. Fairy Princess Stardust is in charge of the music, and I heard a rumour that she was organising a swing band to play after the performances are finished so that all of us Fairies can have a social dance! I do hope they know my two favourite songs; “I Like To Move It, Move It” and “Every Fairy Dance Now”!

Did I mention that Fairy Princess Snowflake is helping me paint the sets. SO much to do, so little time! We are about to meet for a rehearsal, I hope everyone brings their leg-warmers and leotards so we can be maniac Fairies on the dance floor!!

See you all soon,

~Fairy Princess Petal~

The Festival of Fairies

Friday, April 11th, 2008

Hello my dear Fairy Princesses around the world,

What a busy few weeks we have had up here in Fairyland.. Let me tell you, the unicorns and pegasii, and the tiny little butterflies have been working themselves so hard to prepare for the Festival of Fairies on May Day. It is such an exciting time of year here in Fairyland as all of the Fairies from around the world come together to celebrate the beginning of Fairies.

Our wonderful and gracious Fairy Queen puts on a special banquet for everyone, that has so much yummy yummy food like Cloud Cakes and Glitter Sticks and sometimes, if we have all been good, we get special Sunshine Smarties. The festival opens on the 1st May and I just can’t wait.

I’ve got my dress, which Fairy Princess Sea Shell helped me pick out. It’s a really pretty pink, with bright little sparkles on it of all the colours of the rainbow. Fairy Princess Crystal also bought me a new Fairy Princess Crown which is oh so sparkly with little crystals and flowers all over it. Ooo, ooo, ooooh and Fairy Princess Stardust got me the prettiest little Fairy Slippers to wear, which are gold, her absolute favourite colour. Everyone is going to look soooo beautiful I really cannot wait.

Anyway my dears, I must be off. I can hear Fairy Floss getting all excited about her Fairy Floss making, and I really should go and have some!

Talk to you all soon,

Love Fairy Princess Blossom


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