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Tuesday, December 9th, 2008


Greetings fellow fairy friends


The pegasii have decided that its far more exciting to watch the reindeer train for their big flight on christmas eve night, so they haven’t been practising as much as they should for the Christmas night spectacular… and for some reason they have all painted their noses red… mmm I wonder what that is all about (tee hee hee).

I am very excited about our christmas party this year as Fairy Princess Rosebud has a special surprise for us all. I can hardly wait! I shall be wearing the most loveliest gown designed by Fairy Princess Sparkles. It is covered in sparkles and swirls and has the most delicate tiny little presents anyone has ever seen stuck all over it! Can you keep a secret? I hope so, because at the end of the christmas party everyone gets to choose a present from my dress! Ooo I wonder what I should put inside each giftbox. Maybe you can help me. Think a thought and then wish really hard and I just know it will come true and then each of the fairies in fairyland will love the gift from you!!!

Well it seems poor Santa now has three pegasii trying to pull his practise sleigh! I’d best flutter off and get my pega-deer back (tee hee hee)!

Sweet wishes,

Fairy Princess Crystal


Pegasus eats Fairy shoes !!!

Wednesday, October 8th, 2008

Hello Fairy Princesses, Frogs, Chickens alike..

Well I am just sooooo excited that I had to share this with you all.

As you all will know I have a Pegasus called “Wingz”, she’s a beautiful snowy white Pegasus with the brightest pink tipped wings. Now Wingz has been known to misbehave sometimes, and well, about a month ago, Wingz decided that she was hungry. Instead of flying down to Pegasus Meadowlands she decided to sneak into my little mushroom shoe cupboard and take two big bites out of my BEST silver glitter fairy shoes!! Can you believe it!!! It was so upsetting because I had to go to a few fairy parties with holes in my shoes (though I will admit, I could run a little faster with holes in my shoes).

Anyway, I came home tonight and the most beautiful decorated box was sitting on my front veranda with a little note. The note read;

“Dear Blossom, I’m sorry for eating your shoes, but they SO yummy. Here is a brand new pair for you. Love Wingz xx”.

I ripped open the box as fast as I could (just like you fairies do when we play pass the parcel) and out jumped the PRETTIEST pair of shoes I have EVER seen. They were white like the colour of Wingz with love hearts printed all over them in all colours of the rainbow. They are sooo comfy and I can run so fast, just like the wind.

So that, my fairy friends, was my very exciting present of today. Hope to see you all out and about soon.

Fairy kisses,


Crystal and the Alliance at the Fairy Festival!

Tuesday, April 22nd, 2008

Greetings fellow Fairy friends!

The Festival of the Fairies is about to begin!!! I have been working extra extra hard with The Pegasus Starfleet Alliance Team making sure they are all ready for the Grand Fairy Finale… so dont be surprised if you happen to see a pegasus fly past your house!

The best thing of all is that Fairy Princess Rainbow is creating beautiful Fairy fizz bomzles that will explode in the night sky – ooh I shall have to warn Fairy Princess Stardust to put the baby stars in the nursery so they don’t get frightened.

Fairy Princess Snowflake is making me a beautiful gown out of tiny little snow flakes and icicles, but don’t worry I won’t catch a cold as the dress is made out of snow jewels that grow in the middle of the magical snow drop flower!

I am so excited and have been practicing my dance steps and my singing (although I think my singing may be scaring the Pegasii he he he!). I wonder if Fairy Raine is going to able make her delicious cloud juice. It’s soo yummy and changes to a different colour every time you take a sip! I know that Fairy Princess Sparkles is doing something fantabulosly magical but its a surprise. Can you guess what it might be????

Oh goodness me! Pegasus Marigold has just crashed into the daisy patch I best go and rescue her…. again!

See you where the moonbeams end, little Fairy friends.

xox Fairy Princess Crystal xox


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