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Fairy Princess Rainbow returns home from her seaside vacation!

Tuesday, February 9th, 2010

Hello Fairy friends!

It is so great to be back home with all the Fairies in Fairyland. I had a wonderful year living by the sea. I lived in a cute little cottage overlooking the ocean. It was a beautiful view! I swam nearly every day but had to be careful my delicate wings didn’t get soaked.
I spent most of my time painting colourful pictures for my family and friends back in Fairyland. I used all the colours of the rainbow. One of my favourite experiences was when Fairy Princess Seashell visited me and took me to visit her underwater friends. I met beautiful mermaids, fish of all shapes and colours, and even a family of whales. They were so big and magnificent! I hope to go back and visit them all again soon but for now I’m glad to be home 🙂
Love and kisses!!
Rainbow xx

Rainbow at the Fairy Festival

Saturday, April 26th, 2008

Hi to all my gorgeous fairy friends!

I am so excited for Fairyland’s May Day Festival. It is always such fun! This year I am in charge of creating magical Fairy fizz bomzles that will explode in the night sky. They are so beautiful to watch and if I make them correctly, I’m sure there won’t be any mishaps this year. I’m still not sure if Sparkles has forgiven me for the time I put too much butterfly dust in the mixture and it exploded all over her and her beautiful dress! Whoops! Not this year though. The Fairy Queen kindly said she would test the bomzles for me. (tee hee).

I have also been busy practicing the funky dance routine that Fairy Princess Petal has been teaching all of the Fairies. In fact, we have another rehearsal with Petal this afternoon. I even went to the shops this morning and bought the coolest pair of fluoro pink and blue leg warmers from Jewel’s Jazz Junk. I LOVE that place. Petal is always shopping there too. Today she was in buying a bright pink leotard – probably for this afternoon’s rehearsal.

Well I had better get dressed into my oh so groovy leotard and leg warmers and make my way to Petal’s dance studio. It is quite a long flight from my castle and my Pegasus Breeze is a little under the weather at the moment – the poor thing – so I will have to fly myself there. I do hope she is better for the festival as she will be performing on the first day. Fairy Princess Crystal, being Defender of the Pegasii in Fairyland, has told me that a brew of blue fairyfloss and yellow acorns is just the thing Breeze needs. So I will pick that up from Crystal at rehearsal. Best be off now. Don’t want to be late! Petal makes me do extra stretches if I’m late! Love to all! I will hopefully see you at the festival!

Luv Rainbow xxoxx


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