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Snapdragons and Gnomes gone wild!

Wednesday, March 23rd, 2011

Hello Fairy friends!

Petal here, with a few gardening updates.

As you know, the cooler months are approaching and a lot of the beautiful flowers in fairy land will be going to sleep until spring. I have started preparing to tuck all my little flower beds in to stay warm and happy during this time! The cherubs across the meadow have been helping me make little sleeping bags and quilts to put over the royal garden to ensure a warm snuggly rest for outstanding blooms in the spring!

All the flowers are  happy and welcoming their rest as they have had a busy season. All except the snap dragons! The snap dragons are cranky at me as they hate the season change! If you have cranky snapdragons in your garden I advise sprinkling some of Fairy Flosses rainbow popping candy on them first thing each morning. The popping candy slips into the soil and pops the snap dragons bad behavior up, up, and away, off to the goblin gorge where it belongs!

Fairy Princess Blossom and I will be starting to  plan the flower arrangements for the ‘Welcome back Spring festival’ shortly. It is a big celebration so we need to get started as soon as possible! If you have any suggestions on what flowers you would like to see at the festival, please come over for tea and fairy bread and let us know!

Thank you to Fairy Princess Apple for mentioning that there was a Gnome problem in the far east orchard. For those of you who don’t know about the situation, Apple spotted three gnomes coming and going each day, stealing some of her best apples! Fear not fairy friends, Fairy Princess Shimmer and I whipped up a batch of shimmery gnome-be-gone spray and we have not seen the little rascals since!

And finally a last thank you to Fairy Princess Summer and Fairy Princess Sunset for the beautiful last few days of summer time. I am loving the pink sunsets and the warm weather!

Pink, Love, and kisses!

And don’t forget to shake your arms!



Dancing Fairies at the May Day Festival!

Sunday, April 13th, 2008

Hey beautiful Fairy people!

The Fairy Festival is a very exciting time for me. I love to see all the different Fairy dances from all over the world! A big show is put on with exciting dance routines and fabulous costumes, topped off with the largest amount of glitter you will ever see! I am most looking forward to seeing the African Fairies do a traditional tribal flight. Until then however, it is a very busy time!

There is so much for this little Petal to do! I am in charge of stage design and lighting and I am preparing a dance for all the Fairies at Crystal Castle to learn and perform for our guests. The stage is a collage of different coloured leaves piled up and tied together with unicorn tail rope in the shape of a star.

I have to thank the forest elves for helping me collect all the fireflies to light the event. The fireflies will be kept inside bluebell and snapdragons and tulips that will be all around the stage and up and down walkways from the outside of the Castle to the main entrance. Fairy Princess Stardust is in charge of the music, and I heard a rumour that she was organising a swing band to play after the performances are finished so that all of us Fairies can have a social dance! I do hope they know my two favourite songs; “I Like To Move It, Move It” and “Every Fairy Dance Now”!

Did I mention that Fairy Princess Snowflake is helping me paint the sets. SO much to do, so little time! We are about to meet for a rehearsal, I hope everyone brings their leg-warmers and leotards so we can be maniac Fairies on the dance floor!!

See you all soon,

~Fairy Princess Petal~


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