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Fairy Princess Blossom parties in Croatia!

Monday, January 10th, 2011

Hello fabulous fairy friends,

Blossom reporting in for duty. I cannot believe it is 2011 already! The year has just flown by. Anyway, back to business. I have returned from my travels around London and Europe where I was visiting fairies from all around the place. I had the most fairy-fantastic time travelling around and spreading happiness to all the boys and girls that I met along the way.

My most special memory was when I was sitting on a secluded island in Croatia when I head a little buzzing sound. Turns out I had a special purple glitter bug saying hello. He was soooo tiny, about the size of my little pinky fingernail. He was whizzing and whirring all around my head, obviously excited about something. He then started to buzz away, so I decided to follow him. We climbed up a rocky mountain, swept through some bushy rainforest, and then splashed in puddles of water. It was so much fun and at the end of the journey, we arrived at a beautiful house made from vines, flowers, and leaves from the forrest. I knocked on the door and heard giggling inside. The door opened and I walked inside – you would not believe who I saw!

I saw, the ever so amazing, Fairy Princess Hvar. Now I’m sure you haven’t heard of this fairy but she is very special to us. Fairy Hvar makes sure that ALL the lavender in the world is grown and stands tall for us to harvest and make things smell pretty. If you’ve never smelt lavender before, make sure you ask Mummy and Daddy to show you some – it smells soooo beautiful. Anyway Fairy Princess Hvar was having a party!!! I went inside, shut the door and we partied all night! We ate sunflower popcorn, fairy bread, sunshine popsicles and soooo many butterfly cakes – I just had a wonderful time.

Oh my look at the time!! I must be off, but Fairy Princess Hvar sends her FAIRY KISSES to you all, and so do I. Be safe, smile lots, and have a fabulous day my fairy friends.

Love always,

Fairy Princess Blossom’s London Easter

Thursday, April 15th, 2010

Hello Fairies!!!

Its Blossom calling again from a land far, far away called London in the United Kingdom. Oh how lucky I have been these past 6 months. Can you believe that I have been away from Fairland for 6 months now?? How time flies – and oh how I miss the Fairy Queen and all the Fairies in our land!!! But I have some VERY VERY VERY exciting news to tell you.

Over Easter I was flying around just enjoying the views of our land when a little blue bird caught up to me and said the Easter Bunny needed some help. Well let me tell you, I flew straight to him to see what I could do. Turns out his poor little Easter Maid fell quite ill and wouldn’t be able to help him hand out his special chocolate coated Easter eggs to all the smiling children for Easter. I simply must help I said. So, for 4 days I went and helped the Easter Bunny hand out bundles of chocolate Easter eggs for all the boys an girls in London.

It was a very big job, but we had so much fun and the Easter Bunny is such a funny bunny.. Afterwards I shouted him to a big glass of carrot juice and gave him a chocolate coated carrot for Easter. He told me to send on many hugs and kisses to the children back in Australia and he hopes that you all got some really special Easter Eggs. Make sure you don’t eat them all at once though, might give you a tummy ache!

Happy Easter Everyone!!!

Lots and lots of fairy love from

xxoo Blossom ooxx

Wedding in Fairyland

Tuesday, January 26th, 2010

Have you heard? Have you heard? Fairy Princess Miabelle and Sir Pixie Thomason got married! Miabelle is one of the most crafty bell makers here in Fairyland. She twists and curves the most amazing bells of all different shapes and sizes you could ever imagine. Thomason is our book keeper who lives down on the edge of Fantasy Forest. Thomason has EVERY book you could EVER dream of – everything from Harry Potter all the way to Thomas the Tank Engine (which is my favourite book).

Miabelle and Thomason shared such a magical day and were married – I was luckily enough to help Miabelle choose and collate all of her flowers for the bridal party. There were colours of every variety – the bright red rose, white and yellow lillies, purple daisies, bright blue and pink orchids – oh I could go on and on. It was such a magical wedding – butterflies flew through the crowd, Fairy Princess Rainbow made one of the most MAGNIFICENT rainbows I have ever seen – and Fairy Princess Sunset made sure that the skyline was filled with beautiful colours of orange and purple. But this is not the ONLY exciting news, oh no no no, my little fairy friends…..

The Fairy Queen has made a special announcement that Miabelle and Thomason have opened a new shop within Fairyland – oh this is so so so exciting – the name of the store – you will not believe this – it’s called ‘SUNSHINE WHISPERS’. It’s a brand new store filled with the MOST MAGICAL books you can ever imagine. I have heard that when you enter the store and pick up a book to start reading – you are taken to a magical little place of your own filled with sunshine, and the book reads to you in whispers. How amazing does this sound? Oooooh I am so fairy fairy excited – I must leave you now and run down there to try and get in!!!

Many kisses from Blossom


London Fairies!

Thursday, November 12th, 2009

Hello friends and fairies!

Blossom here, signing in to say hello from the other side of the world in London. That’s right – after 228 years of full-time service amongst the beautiful clouds of Fairyland, I have decided to have a bit of a holiday and sprinkle my Fairy dust across other parts of the world. I’ve met some wonderful people along the way who are helping me feel very welcome here!! The most spectacular thing happened the other day when I was visiting Big Ben the clock tower – a tiny little yellow butterfly whispered in my ear that the sun is shining so brightly back in Australia that you’re all out and about playing in the sand on the beaches!! The butterfly said that the sun is shining soooo brightly because you’re all so happy and are sending those wishes up to Fairyland before you go to bed. I gave the butterfly a little kiss and she went on her way fluttering through the air. I hope you all keep wishing and sending them up to Fairyland as the fairies there hear them all the time and always try their hardest to make them come true.

Be happy and well Fairies!!!

Lots of fairy hugs and love,


Camp Quality gets a visit from Fairy Princess Blossom

Wednesday, April 29th, 2009

Hey Hey Fairy Friends,

Well last weekend I attended a VERY special camp that is very near to my fairy heart. The camp I am talking about is Camp Quality. A camp where children who aren’t feeling very well attend and have a fabulous weekend full of games and activities. So I flittered on in to the fabulous mountains of Mt Tambourine. The views there are absolutely amazing and very pretty. I can see that all of our wildlife in Queensland have been looking after our trees and forest very well.

The Crystal Castle Fairies left a note for all the children attending Camp Quality saying that we would drop by this very day to laugh and smile and play all of their troubles away. Let me tell you, if you don’t think boys giggle, you are misguided. Three handsome little boys came and sat with me and giggled their heads off. “We’re the troublemakers because we giggle too much” they all told me.. I giggled too. They told me later on in the evening that they were holding a concert that night and they would all get to dress up.

There was so much to see and do at the camp and I wished I could have spent the whole night there. They had a jumping castle, a trampoline, and a heap of games to play. We played Duck Duck Goose for AGES and of course I was always chosen to be the goose, so I had to run lots and lots and lots and lots!

That night, when I got home I dreamt of their concert and saw them all dressed up! One was a Man in a Suit, another was an Army Officer and the other little boy was dressed as the Karate Kid – they told me that I could come as a Police Fairy and could just change from my Fairy clothing, and just keep changing roles because I’m magical. I might play dressups tomorrow night when I got home actually.

All of these beautiful children touched my heart deeply and I wish them all the sweetest dreams and magical days. They were all precious in their own ways and a little boy (Jai) who was about four years old, whispered in my ear to tell the Fairies back in Fairyland that he makes a wish upon a star every night and that he thinks they are all beautiful and he sees them in his dreams. So be sure to wish upon those stars and smile, because I hear they are contagious.

Lots of Fairy hugs and love to you all,

Fairy Princess Blossom


The Fairies in Fairyland

Thursday, March 26th, 2009

Fairies from around the world,
Come quick, there is a tale to be told.
The Fairy Queen so radiant and bright,
Make a wish, she might grant tonight.

Fairy Princess Crystal is quite a delight,
Put a sprinkling of fairy dust on you, she might.
Blossom making flowers around the world glisten,
Be sure to sneak up and carefully listen.

Sparkles, Sparkles, flittering right by,
Look up, up. up, she flies so high.
Fairy Princess Petal the loudest of them all,
Caring carefully for flowers, so they don’t fall.

Snowflake is the quietest of the bunch,
But the quieter the better, and makes a really yummy lunch.
Seashell, well she looks after our oceans,
Be sure to keep an eye out for her special potions.

Fairy Princess Butterfly flutters on by,
Her butterflies dancing and singing on nigh.
Stardust making sure that all the stars are out,
Have you looked up to see what I’m talking about?

Sundancer, dancing the night away,
Be sure to stick around, she just loves to play.
Twinkle, Twinkle, our fairy of night,
She’s so gorgeous, she’s really a delight.

Fairy Princess Jade loves to sing and make noise,
But don’t be fooled, she’s got plenty of poise.
Bluebell jingling her little bells around,
She’s so good at hide and seek, never to be found.

Rosebud being the most lady like of the girls,
She loves to wave her wand, and make millions of swirls.
Fairy Princess Sunset, oh let me tell how she giggles,
It’s so cute because she wiggles and jiggles.

Fairy Princess Buttons, she’s so crafty and clever,
She’s an inspiration to fairies, she never says NEVER.
Fairy Floss what a special role she plays,
Makes soo much fairy floss without any delays.

The last of the bunch, Rainbow, Raine, Lah and Bubbles,
All with special roles, they all love giving cuddles.
These are a FEW of the fairies in Fairyland,
Be sure to send us your wishes, all merry and grand.


Fairies prepare for Christmas in Fairyland

Tuesday, December 2nd, 2008

Hellooooo Fairy Friends,

Well my oh my it has been such a fairy busy month here in Fairyland.. As you would know its that time of year again where the wonderful Santa Claus comes to visit everyone and leave special presents behind. Ooooh I cannot wait. Us fairies love christmas, it’s so great to be spending time with everyone you love and the best thing is all the presents!! We are preparing for our HUGE christmas party here in Fairyland. Fairy Princess Rosebud has been running around madly making sure the lovely rose gardens in Fairyland are all ready to sing their petals out for us at the party – they are such great entertainers and she is very proud of them.

I’ve already picked out my fairy dress for the party – Fairy Princess Bluebell helped me choose it too, she has the best fashion sense in Fairyland (even better than the Fairy Queen, but shhh, don’t tell her I said that!) I now have a pretty blue and pink dress that is just wonderful, and Fairy Princess Seashell bought me some lovely starfish jewels to sew around the bottom of the skirt, just to add that special Seashell touch! Luckily, Fairy Raine helped me put them on otherwise I would have been soooo lost. She reminds me so much of Fairy Godmother… *giggles*

I cannot wait to see what the other Fairies are preparing for the party – it’s such an exciting event! I’ve prepared a little surprise for all the fairies here – but I can’t tell you what it is… yet…

I’ll see you around, Fairy friends!

Lots of love and fairy kisses,

Fairy Princess Blossom

Pegasus eats Fairy shoes !!!

Wednesday, October 8th, 2008

Hello Fairy Princesses, Frogs, Chickens alike..

Well I am just sooooo excited that I had to share this with you all.

As you all will know I have a Pegasus called “Wingz”, she’s a beautiful snowy white Pegasus with the brightest pink tipped wings. Now Wingz has been known to misbehave sometimes, and well, about a month ago, Wingz decided that she was hungry. Instead of flying down to Pegasus Meadowlands she decided to sneak into my little mushroom shoe cupboard and take two big bites out of my BEST silver glitter fairy shoes!! Can you believe it!!! It was so upsetting because I had to go to a few fairy parties with holes in my shoes (though I will admit, I could run a little faster with holes in my shoes).

Anyway, I came home tonight and the most beautiful decorated box was sitting on my front veranda with a little note. The note read;

“Dear Blossom, I’m sorry for eating your shoes, but they SO yummy. Here is a brand new pair for you. Love Wingz xx”.

I ripped open the box as fast as I could (just like you fairies do when we play pass the parcel) and out jumped the PRETTIEST pair of shoes I have EVER seen. They were white like the colour of Wingz with love hearts printed all over them in all colours of the rainbow. They are sooo comfy and I can run so fast, just like the wind.

So that, my fairy friends, was my very exciting present of today. Hope to see you all out and about soon.

Fairy kisses,


The Festival of Fairies

Friday, April 11th, 2008

Hello my dear Fairy Princesses around the world,

What a busy few weeks we have had up here in Fairyland.. Let me tell you, the unicorns and pegasii, and the tiny little butterflies have been working themselves so hard to prepare for the Festival of Fairies on May Day. It is such an exciting time of year here in Fairyland as all of the Fairies from around the world come together to celebrate the beginning of Fairies.

Our wonderful and gracious Fairy Queen puts on a special banquet for everyone, that has so much yummy yummy food like Cloud Cakes and Glitter Sticks and sometimes, if we have all been good, we get special Sunshine Smarties. The festival opens on the 1st May and I just can’t wait.

I’ve got my dress, which Fairy Princess Sea Shell helped me pick out. It’s a really pretty pink, with bright little sparkles on it of all the colours of the rainbow. Fairy Princess Crystal also bought me a new Fairy Princess Crown which is oh so sparkly with little crystals and flowers all over it. Ooo, ooo, ooooh and Fairy Princess Stardust got me the prettiest little Fairy Slippers to wear, which are gold, her absolute favourite colour. Everyone is going to look soooo beautiful I really cannot wait.

Anyway my dears, I must be off. I can hear Fairy Floss getting all excited about her Fairy Floss making, and I really should go and have some!

Talk to you all soon,

Love Fairy Princess Blossom


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