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Pixies in Fairyland Databases!

Friday, November 26th, 2010

Hello My Darling Fairies!

I have not forgotten you all – I have been very extra busy! Let me tell you what I have been doing lately… my lovely little friend Pixie Jamoo from Pixie Hollow has been helping create a wonderful computer program that is going to help the Fairy Queen be extra organised for all your birthdays! We have made a lovely long list of all the parties we have attended and made sure to keep a beautiful list of all our wonderful new Fairy Princesses! Pixie Jamoo is very clever with computers and has special Pixie Magic, sort of like pixie dust, that he sprinkles on the keyboard to help him create the wonderful Fairy Files. I have to make him an extra sweet and sticky batch of Pepsi Cola Fairy Floss. It is not very good for his teeth but it is his very favourite flavour!

Speaking of teeth, I visited the Tooth Fairy the other day and she told me that you have all been losing your baby teeth and she hoped you were getting the surprises she was leaving for you. She was showing me some beautiful pieces of Fairy furniture that she was finishing of from the teeth she had gathered – there was also a lovely sculpture of the Fairy Queen’s Pegasus Glimmer, that she was making for the Fairy Queen’s Christmas present! Shhh though, it’s a surprise!

Oooh Christmas – I nearly forgot! I have so much to do still – although I have started to decorate for the Fairy Christmas Light Parade. My garden has been strung with some beautiful shining stars I got from Twinkle and some lovely lanterns that are different colours – of course they were from Rainbow! Then I got Stardust to come and light them all up for me so they glow wonderfully. I still need to do a little bit of shopping. I am going to get some new Fairy slippers from Flip’s Footsy Parlour down on Butterfly Way for the Fairy Queen this year I think, she has such a love for slippers and I might even get Rosebud to add some little tinkling bells to them.

Well I hope you are all very excited for Santa to come and that you are all being very good little Fairies and Pixies!

I promise to write again very soon my wonderful fairy friends!

Love and hugs,

Fairy Princess Fairy Floss

McHappy Day Fairies at Chermside McDonalds

Friday, November 12th, 2010

It’s McHappy time!! At every McDonalds® store, $1 from every Big Mac & $3 from buying a silly straw (red, blue, white,) is donated to the Ronald McDonald House Charities. This is the day to buy a Big Mac if ever there was a day! Our gorgeous fairies will be lending a hand at the Chermside Macca’s and granting fairy wishes to boot! Come and say hello and help out a VERY worthwhile cause at the same time.

Did you know that McDonald’s® Australia pays all national administration and management costs for the Charity so that 100% of all donations can go directly to the programs it runs

These programs include:

– Ronald McDonald Houses – a home away from home for families of seriously ill children (so the family can stay together, in particular, the families that live in the country and are a long way from the children’s hospitals!)

– The Learning Program helps kids catch up with school after a long period of absence due to serious illness

Family Retreats are available for whole families to reconnect and have a little time out from the stressful time

Family Rooms within hospitals so that the family can stay with their sick child and still eat and do their laundry and all the normal things that need to happen within a family

Cord Blood Banks that collect and store life saving umbilical cord blood used mainly to treat childhood cancers.

(The above information has been provided by RMHC Quick Facts Guide – www.rmhc.org.au)

So as you can see – McHappy day is very important and McDonalds® aims to raise $2.8 million this year to support the fabulous work this charity does.

Please, please, please – drop into a McDonalds®, buy a Big Mac on McHappy day, or just drop a little spare change into their collection jars and help them to continue to provide their special support to these kids and their families.

With fairy huge hugs,

The Fairy Queen



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