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Fairy Princess Sophie

Monday, March 31st, 2008

To our beautiful Fairy Princess Sophie,

You touched our hearts darling, you’ve taught us more than you will probably understand. Please know that all of the fairies will always look after you – and there are Pegasuii, Butterflies and Unicorns waiting just around the corner for you….they’ll take you flying gorgeous girl. And you can swim with the dolphins in Fairyland any time you want to.

You are beautiful.

Fairy hugs,

The Fairy Queen and Fairy Princess Butterfly

Petal , Rainbow and Fairy Floss in the PSA!

Monday, March 24th, 2008

Hey everybody!

Are you ready for Part Three of our ‘who’s who’ in the Pegasus Starfleet Alliance? This week, I’m going to let you know about Petal, Rainbow and Floss. They each have special roles and powers, and each of them swore an allegiance to the alliance (that’s a mouthful!). Here goes:

Keeper of Petal Castle
Defender of the
Guild: The Forests
Pegasus Name: Autumn

Power Orb: Pink…allows Fairy Princess Petal to speak to wildflowers in the forest.

Her dress is a variety of Pinks
Her Pegasus white with autumn coloured wings

Keeper of Rainbow Castle
Defender of the Sky
Guild: The Rainbows
Pegasus Name: Breeze

Power Orb: Rainbow colour…allows Fairy Princess Rainbow to change into different colours camouflage.

Her dress is Rainbow Coloured
Her Pegasus is white with rainbow wings

Fairy Floss:
Keeper of Moonbeam Castle
Defender of Love
Guild: The Moonbeams
Pegasus name: Juliet

Power orb: Red…allows Fairy Princess Fairy Floss to restore love and peace through song.

Her dress is a mixture of pretty Reds
Her Pegasus is white with red tipped wings

Ok, phew! As you can see, the Alliance is quite large – and there is still more to come! Next week, we’ll be talking about Sundancer, Raine, Butterfly and Seashell. Then we’re almost through everyone and I can start telling you about the adventures the Alliance go on.

Keep checking in – we’re almost done!

Fairy hugs,

The Fairy Queen

Sparkles, Snowflake, and Stardust in the Pegasus Starfleet Alliance

Friday, March 14th, 2008

OK everyone, here is Part Two of our Pegasus Starfleet Alliance (PSA) introductions! This week, I will tell you all about Sparkles, Snowflake, and Stardust’s roles and guilds. Don’t forget, you can see photos of all our beautiful fairies here!


Keeper of
Cloud Castle
Defender of The Elements (Water, Wind, Fire, Earth)
: The Clouds
Pegasus Name
: Dazzle

Power Orb: Purple…allows Fairy Princess Sparkles to manipulate the elements to her advantage over evil

Her dress is light purple with sparkles
Her Pegasus is white with sparkle wings

Keeper of Snow Castle
Defender of Dreams
Guild: The Snow
Pegasus Name:

Power Orb: Blue… allows Fairy Princess Snowflake to freeze her opponents with one breath, create blizzards to hide in etc

Her dress is white with snowflake patterns
Her Pegasus is white with white shimmery wings

Keeper of Star Castle
Defender of Hope
Guild: The Stars
Pegasus Name: Galactic

Power Orb: Silver…allows Fairy Princess Stardust to send shooting stars in times of trouble and also allows her to heal the injured

Her dress is light gold
Her Pegasus is white with silver tipped wings

Wow, how exciting! I am so pleased that I am now allowed to tell everyone about the PSA! We had to stay secret for a little while to start with, and not many people know about us – but YOU do now!! Next time, I’ll let you know all about Petal, Rainbow, and Fairy Floss!

See you soon,

The Fairy Queen
PSA Member #1
Keeper of Crystal Castle
Ruler of All Fairyland

PSA – Who are we? The beginning…

Monday, March 3rd, 2008

Hi Everyone,

Well, it’s time to start introducing you to the members of the Pegasus Starfleet Alliance (the PSA). I don’t want to …. overwhelm you, so I’ll just let you know about a few at a time. Each Fairy has a special PSA name and is responsible for a particular area of Fairyland. They each look after a special guild, which our past Princesses are welcome to join (email me if you are interested!!).

So, I guess I should start with myself:

The Fairy Queen:
Keeper of Crystal Castle
Defender of all Fairyland
Guild: The Fairy Queen shines over all Guilds
Pegasus name: Majestic

Power orb: Blinding White…combines all power orbs into one with the catch phrase ‘PEGASUS ALLIANCE UNITE’ and allows The Fairy Queen to achieve absolute power over evil with the help of her alliance!

Her dress is brilliant White
Her Pegasus is Gold with gold wings but the tips are multi coloured

Next, would be Crystal:

Keeper of Pegasus Castle, Headquarters of the Pegasus Starfleet Alliance
Defender of Pegasii
Guild: The Pegasii
Pegasus name: Whispy

Power Orb: Gold…allows Fairy Princess Crystal to communicate with the Pegasii and the Fairies

Her dress is smoky grey
Her Pegasus is white with grey shiny wings

And I’ll finish today with, Blossom:

Keeper of Butterfly Castle
Protector of Flora
Guild: The Butterflies
Pegasus name: Wingz

Power orb: Hot pink…allows Fairy Princess Blossom to morph into different creatures

Her dress is hot pink
Her Pegasus is white with hot pink tipped wings

Now, next week, I will tell you all about Sparkles, Stardust, and Snowflake! Stay tuned – or should I say, get ready for takeoff!

Fairy hugs,

The Fairy Queen


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