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Fairy Merry Christmas Everyone!

Tuesday, December 25th, 2007
From all of us here at Crystal Castle
we wish you and yours
all the best for a
and a wonderful and safe 2008
(tee hee hee)

While the Fairy Queen is in the South Pacific…

Tuesday, December 11th, 2007
WOW, have I been busy! The Fairy Queen and Fairy Princess Blossom went to a conference in Vanuatu, so the rest of us Fairies had to cover their duties.

Sparkles and Sundancer were busy visiting Fairy Princess Malaak at New Farm along with Fairy Raine who painted up some colourful faces. Then they flew off to crown Fairy Princess Madison at Scarborough and had great fun at her fabulous fairy party! Snowflake and Stardust stopped in for Fairy Princess Stephanie to be crowned and to play some fun games with her and all her friends! Crystal and Petal made their way to Fairy Princess Isabella’s for her birthday and everyone had a fantastic time!

I stayed at FQHQ busily making a huge batch of Fruity Rose Fairy Floss with Sultana’s especially for The Fairy Queen and Blossom on their return. I also made sure all the Fairies had everything they needed with some much need help from Mark the Rabbit – he hopped around making sure everything was done. So welcome back to The Fairy Queen and Blossom, and a big thank you to all the Fairies for a very busy time and especially to a very special rabbit!

Fairy Floss

Fairyland Heads of Goverment Meeting (FHOGM) in Vanuatu

Saturday, December 1st, 2007

Well everyone, wish me luck! Fairy Princess Blossom and I are off to the Fairyland Heads of Goverment Meeting (FHOGM) 2007. This year, it will be held on Tanna, one of the beautiful islands of Vanuatu in the South Pacific. We get to meet up with important Fairies from all over the place and talk all things Fairy. I’m pretty sure we are also electing a new Prime-Fairy as well.

Once all our Fairy discussions are over, I think we’ll be able to do a bit of sight-seeing. There are wonderful waterfalls with clear pools to swim in – I’ll have to be careful not to get my wings too wet! I know there will be lots of brightly coloured corals and inquisitive fish to see and feed – there is a place there where you can get in the ocean with fish food and all the fish come to eat it out of your hands.

But the most exciting bit of all, there is a live volcano on Tanna Island. Well, kinda live. It hasn’t had lava flowing out of it for years and years, but it still grumbles and groans and shoots red hot rocks into the air in a magical display. So we will be taking a tour to have a look at that. The island also has black sand beaches. The sand is black because it’s really the ash that has blown out of the volcano. Do you think my Fairy feet will be all sooty after a walk along the beach? 🙂

We’ve also been invited along to the local school to meet some of the school children. We have a wonderful Shirley Barber Fairy storybook to take especially for them, along with some pencils and notebooks. It will be very interesting to see what school is like for kids in another country, and we look forward to making lots of new friends.

Oh well, I’d best go and pack my fairy suitcase. See you when we return!

Fairy hugs,

The Fairy Queen


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