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Little Fairy – by Fairy Princess Fairy Floss

Saturday, November 24th, 2007
I close my eyes
So I might see
A little Fairy
Looking back at me.

I know she’s hiding
Somewhere near
I will be quite still
She shouldn’t fear

I hope and wish
With all my might
For little Fairy’s
Shining light

My mother says
Their secret treasures
But for a little child
Their beautiful pleasures

One day I hope
She will visit me
The little Fairy
I long to see

Do Fairies Have Birthdays? Of course they do – and they have the parties to prove it!!

Tuesday, November 13th, 2007

Dearest Fairy Friends,

I am very excited about my 200th birthday party. It will be on the 7th mystical Friday of December and will start once the moon comes out, which we all know means party time in Fairyland 😀

My Mum and Dad, who own the fairy bread factory, will be catering so there will be plenty of yummy foods to eat and Fairy Princess Sparkles is decorating the party palace with all things sparkly!

The Fairy Queen has kindly offered to help me set up so that everything can be ready in time! My musical friend, Fairy Princess Stardust, is also providing the music for the night! Apparently she’s written a new song especially for the occasion! How exciting is that!

I also should mention that there is a theme to this party and it is: “Disney Characters”. I know everybody loves to dress up in their favourite Disney outfits. Except maybe Fairy Princess Blossom’s cousin Tinkerbell who already is a Disney character! Lucky her! I already know who I am coming as but that’s a surprise! I can’t wait to see all my fairy friends in costume!

I’m going to dance the night away with Fairy Princess Snowflake. She may be a bit shy sometimes but when you get her on the dance floor, she comes out of her shell! She just LOVES to dance! I’m really looking forward to eating lots of birthday cake, playing fairy games, and drinking lots of my favourite bubblegum beverage. Fairy Princess Crystal will hopefully be on her best behaviour this time. I remember last year she had a little too much of the blackcurrant and mildew brew and was the life of the party!!

Anyway, I have to go and let my parents know how many fairies to cater for! Be sure to come back and read all about my fabulous Disney party, it’s not too far away now! I’m so excited. If you were going to a Disney Character party, which character would you go as?

I do have one hint for you all about who I am going as!! Her name starts with an “A”… That’s all you’re getting!

Oodles of love!!

Fairy Princess Rainbow

The Halloween Ball – by Fairy Princess Fairy Floss

Friday, November 2nd, 2007

Hello My Little Fairy Flosses,

Wow! There is so much excitement in Fairyland at the moment. I think this years Halloween Ball was simply the most fun! We all looked stunning and I was very envious of the Fairy Queen and her Fairy Floss dress but I chose to go in a beautiful Rose Gown. It was made out hundreds of the most beautiful Candy Floss Roses that you have ever seen – See my picture from my garden? I had on my wonderfully pink shoes and got Fairy Princess Stardust to give them that extra glitter. The Fairy band of Stardust’s was fabulous and we danced the night away! My feet are still tingling from it!

All the animals in the Fairy Forest where I work are chattering about it – the squirrels even said it was more fun than collecting nuts which is very nice of them indeed.

Our Fairy Queen can sure throw a party! It was almost as good as the birthday parties I have been to lately. I have to fly now off to work for me!

May Your Dreams be as Sweet as Fairy Floss.

Love Fairy Princess Fairy Floss

The Halloween Ball – by Fairy Princess Blossom

Friday, November 2nd, 2007

Helllloooooooooooooooooooo Fairies across the world!

I am still excited over the Halloween Ball, the Fairy Queen has definitely outdone herself this year with decorations. There were butterflies floating around everywhere, streamers of all kinds of colours, balloons in every shape and size, and best of all the magic fairy bubble fountain. Now we all know how much Blossom loves her bubbles, and I had an absolute blast dancing around the ledge. I almost fell in, but luckily Stardust blew some piano music my way and the notes picked me up.

I was so excited when I picked up my dress from “FBG aka Fairy Ball Gowns”. Jessabell was my fairy designer and she made me just the most stunning dress. It took like FOREVER to make, but it was so pretty. It was magenta pink with special fairy sparkles all through it with a special strap over my shoulders which turned into a big trail down my dress. My hair was long and curly with the most delicate curls. Fairy Princess Snowflake then put a few snow crystals in my hair so I sparkled and glittered everywhere I went.

All the fairies looked so fabulous dressed up in their gowns. I even saw my cousin Tinkerbell make an appearance, she was wearing a wonderful green gown and just looked so pretty. There were so many people there. I think I even saw Fairy Princess Sparkles talking to that Prince from the North Star Castle. I’m not too sure on that one though. But I spent the night drinking fairy fruit punch and danced the night away listening to fairy tunes. Thank you Fairy Queen for putting on such a lovely ball, I cannot wait for next year.

Love and hugs and kisses
Fairy Princess Blossom

The Halloween Ball – by Fairy Princess Rainbow

Friday, November 2nd, 2007

Hey everyone,

I had an amazing time at the Halloween Ball. The marshmallow plane arrived a little late, but as you know, marshmallow planes are amongst the fastest planes in fairyland, so I knew I wouldn’t be late! The inside of the plane was so comfy because it’s made out of the fluffiest marshmallow you’ve ever eaten…..woops, I mean sat on…..I don’t think Percy the marshmallow pilot wouldn’t appreciate me telling you I ate part of his plane! But I couldn’t resist! It was raspberry flavoured! My favourite!!

Anyway, Raine and I had so much fun performing our ladybug routine for everyone! Stardust’s music was magical!! We had been practising that routine with the ladybugs of fairyland for 7 long weeks so I hope you all enjoyed it as much as we did :).

Thanks to all my fairy friends for such a fun night!!

Fairy Kisses!!

Fairy Princess Rainbow

The Halloween Ball – by Fairy Princess Crystal

Friday, November 2nd, 2007

Greetings fellow fairy friends!

How fantastic was last night at the HALLOWEEN BALL!

I am so glad that the Fairy Queen did not tell you all about my gown for it would have spoilt everyone’s surprise! Fairy Princess Blossom and I worked very hard all week making sure that my gown would be perfect. My Dress was a marvelous hue of blues… like the kind you see when you look into a pool of water and see the sky reflected in it, rippling and shimmering back at you! Fairy Princess Rainbow whipped up a beautiful pair of rainbow slippers for me, they swirled all the colours of the rainbow when I walked. But the most beautiful surprise of all was the design on my gown….it was covered in the most delicate butterflies you have ever seen. Fairy Princess Blossom had trained her baby butterflies to stay perfectly still on my gown until I uttered a magic word. Once I whispered “Wishaway” the butterflies fluttered above all the fairies and sprinkled fairy dust (kindly made by Fairy Princess Sparkles) over everyone’s heads leaving them all looking absolutely magical. Everyone was delighted!

My next surprise was even more magical.

The Pegasus Starfleet (which is made up of pegasus foals) performed the traditional Halloween Sky Dance while wearing hats given to them from Witchy Wenzel’s potion school. Witchy Wenzel’s hats smoked all different colours and then blew fire fizzles (I think humans call them fireworks) as the Pegasus’s zoomed through the sky doing loops and zigzags. It was the most spectacular sight, seeing my little foals zoom around…you should have heard the oohs and aahs! There were even a few gasps as one of my foals, Flutterlee, just missed bumping into the moon by a whisper of her feathered wing! I am so very proud of them all.

After the Halloween banquet the Senior Pegasuses performed the Honorary Formation Flight. It really is a sight to see – 100 fully grown pegasuses flying through the night sky without anyone bumping into an areoplane (like last year when poor Magenta sneezed, lost his balance and landed on top of the 747 flight to Hawaii…oops). The Fairy Queen was very impressed indeed!

Oh well its time I went to bed as my feet are awfully sore from all that dancing, especially when I got all the fairies to tap dance along with me. Even the butterflies on my gown were getting puffed! Oh dear, there goes Pegasus Zephar again…he is still excited from last night and keeps chasing poor Fairy Princess Stardust’s comets all over the sky. “Oh pegasus Zephar, do please come down from there…..”

Goodbye my fairy friends, see you where the moonbeams end!

Fairy Princess Crystal


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