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Fairy Happy Halloween

Wednesday, October 31st, 2007


I am so excited – the big Halloweeen Ball at Crystal Castle is on tonight! I’ve seen everyone rushing around Fairyland today getting ready for it. Fairy Princess Crystal was up early this morning, she’s doing Fairy Princess Blossom’s hair and makeup for tonight. Crystal showed me the dress she is going to wear, but I’m under strict instruction that I am not allowed to tell anyone what it is. You’ll just have to read again next week so I can tell you all about it!

Fairy Princess Petal and Fairy Princess Fairy Floss have decided that they are hiring Mr Deweys’ glitter Pegasus carriage to take them to the ball, and I think Fairy Princess Stardust was talking about making a grand entrance by sliding down the Milky Way, right into the Crystal Castle ballroom – now that will be an entrance not to be missed! Stardust will be performing a piano solo as the highlight of the night – oops, I think that was meant to be a surprise actually!

Fairy Princess Sparkles rocked up here this morning, she was so excited she was almost bursting! She’s excited because she found out that Fairy Princess Snowflake had made a snow-crystal handbag for her, to match her snow-crystal gown, and I must say, her outfit looks fabulous. Snowflake tells me she made her own icicle gown, I was a little concerned that she may get cold, but then she produced the most magnificent dragonfly jacket. Dragonfly jackets are very warm you know.

Then, Fairy Princess Rainbow rang to tell me that Fairy Princess Raine and her would be catching the Starfleet Alliance’s marshmallow airplane to the ball. They are still in the Ladybug Museum, and will be working for most of the day on the new Ladybug dance routine for their show. I think they may even perform some of it tonight while Stardust accompanies them on piano, or was it flute that she was going to play for that one? Oh, I can’t quite remember now – I’m way too excited.

So drop back next week and I’ll tell you all about the Halloween Ball. Keep an eye out in the sky tonight, the Pegasus Alliance will be making an honourary formation flight and you may see their wings poke out behind the clouds. Oh, and if there is a bit of thunder in the sky tonight, don’t worry, that will be Fairy Princess Crystal insisting we all do a tap dance routine! (You do know that thunder is fairy tap dancing don’t you?).

Lots of love,

The Fairy Queen

The Fairy Queen on 4BC and 4BH

Thursday, October 25th, 2007

Did you hear it? I was lucky enough to do a half hour spot with Ian Maurice and Karen Hamilton on 4BC/4BH last night. It was part of the “Worldy Women” segment and I had a wonderful time! It was a little difficult fitting the headphones over my tiara, but I managed in the end. (tee hee).

Karen matched my tiara and wore in a snorkel and a pair of flippers. King Neptune would have been proud. We talked to some lovely people (it’s talkback radio) and laughed alot. Be sure to tune into 4BC/4BH on Wednesday nights at 9:00pm to hear this fabulously funny show!

Halloween Ball at Crystal Castle

Tuesday, October 16th, 2007

Hello everyone,

I am so very excited – I spent the day shopping and found the most wonderful gown to wear to the Halloween Ball at Crystal Castle. It was hard to choose from so many elegant gowns, but like any Fairy, I really enjoyed trying them all on as I made my decision!

First I went to Fairy Aurora’s “Moonbeam Magic” down at Feathery Road. She makes some of the most gorgeous gowns in Fairyland. I tried on a beautiful pink gown that had pale purple faux-phoenix feathers along the bottom of the skirt. I was worried that the feathers might make Penelope (my Pegasus) sneeze, so I decided against that one. So I tried on a stunning silver spider-web silk dress that had a top made of real butterflies, so it shimmered as they all flapped their wings. I must say here, that all of the butterflies are very happy to be a part of this magnificent dress and are treated very fairly with their workplace agreement. I thought that the blue of the butterfly wings didn’t match my eyes, so I moved on to the next shop.

I dropped into Fairy Sirena’s “Gowns R Us”, and I saw it as soon as I walked in! Floating in the corner of the shop, about half a metre above the ground, was THE most beautiful gown I have ever seen in the whole of my 441 years of life. It was, oops, IS stunning! It has a big fluffy skirt that my arms cannot reach around, made from brightly coloured Fairy Floss! It has orange and yellow and red and pale green and blue and pink and purple, all fading from one colour to the next. When I turn around in it, the bits that you thought were blue, become pink, and the bits that looked yellow, turn red. It’s rather magical I think. Fancy that! A dress made from Fairy Floss!

With my magnificent gown in hand, I needed to find a fabulous pair of shoes. At King Neptune’s Shoe Emporium, I found a pair of glass slippers, not unlike the ones Cinderella has, and I decided that they would be perfect. These ones have dewdrops stuck to the heel so they catch the light and glimmer when I am walking. (A girl needs a bit of bling!) I also saw a lovely clamshell handbag while I was there, but I thought it might get stuck to the Fairy Floss on my dress, so I’ve decided to go without a bag a all!

All I need now to complete my outfit is a stylish pair of earrings, which I’ll look for tomorrow and because it’s a Halloween ball, I’ve decided to wear my “Jack-o-lantern” necklace, so I don’t need to find any more ‘accessories’. How exciting! I wonder what all the other Fairies will be wearing!

Fairy Hugs,

The Fairy Queen

Fairy Party Invitations and Wings, Wands and Tiara packs!

Thursday, October 11th, 2007
That’s right, you heard it here first……Fairy Queen Productions has introduced an exclusive range of Fairy products including party invitations, and a wonderful wings, wand and tiara pack (that’s a mouthful!).

Exclusive hand-glittered Invitations

You’ve told us that fabulous and funky fairy invitations seem to be hard to find – so we thought, ok, we’re “stress-free” so we should design our own invitations. And what fabulous funky fairy invitations we have created! We currently have two brightly coloured designs available, ‘Glitter Fairies’ (left) and ‘Rainbow Magic’ (below), with more under development here at Crystal Castle (our little designer Fairies are working around the clock). Produced on quality card and hand-glittered by Fairies, the invitations also include a nifty RSVP section. The invitations come in packs of five, with five envelopes and five envelope seals (not the kind of seal that eats fish either!!). There is also a discount for the invitations if you book one of our fantastically entertaining Fairy parties.

Wings, Wands & Tiaras

No Fairy party is complete without wings, wands and tiaras for all your Fairy guests! Fairy Queen Productions are able to offer you ‘wings, wand, and tiara’ packs at a very competitive price. Each set includes a pair of glittery wings, a matching fluffy tiara, and a magical Fairy wand.

The wings are made from a sturdy wire frame, and hand decorated with sparkles and glittery swirls. Matching straps are included and suit all sizes (from mini-fairies to grown-up ones!). Wings are currently available in pink, red, and blue as pictured, with additional styles and colours being created at Crystal Castle as you read this. The tiaras feature marabou trim which is colour coordinated to match your wing colour choice.

Take a look at our new products page for full pricing and ordering options.

Fabulous Fairy Face Painting

Thursday, October 4th, 2007

Such exciting news! We would like to welcome Fairy Raine to our Fairy Fleet as our fabulous new Fairy Face Painter. Fairy Raine does incredible work, and we are very lucky to have her along for the ride. She has over 11 years experience as a party fairy, but retired from the party realm in February 2007 to help Mother Nature make rain clouds. With our drought situation, you can understand why Mother Nature called Fairy Raine in for a hand!

Fairy Raine has her weekends free and has decided to come along to our parties and spread her magical and creative talents. So, when making a party booking, if you would like Fairy Raine to come along and show you what she’s made of, just let us know. Yes, it means three fairies at your party!! How much fun would that be?


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