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The problems with Fairy embiggening potions!

March 16th, 2012

I have had such a busy fairy day today!

We had a Fairy Council meeting last week and some of the other fairies complained about how yucky the embiggening potion was.  Lots of the ingredients taste disgusting, so when I put them together I have to admit it can be really quite gross!

Because we visit humans so often, we are going through quite a lot of it, so it would be just lovely if it tasted better.

I had no idea how to cover the taste of Dinglehopper horn or Frog fingernails, so I asked Fairy Floss and Cupcake to help me.  They had lots of wonderful ideas about the yummiest things to add!

Fairy Floss suggested we add some moonbeam syrup or daisy sugar or even some shimmer essence and Cupcake suggested we add orange-blossom petals and grasshopper eggs and bake it into a cake!

In the end we decided daisy sugar and orange blossom petals tasted the best.

I talked to Apple about making it healthy because we drink so much; it has to be good for us!  She said that adding Pink Lady apples would be best and give it the prettiest pink colour.

It tastes so much better now, I hope the rest of the fairies agree!

Bye for now,


Fairy Princess Poppy x

Red Hill Fair Fairies

July 5th, 2011

It’s time for the RED HILL FAIR again and we’re heading over to have some fabulous all-singing, all-dancing, all-fairy fun! We’ll be on the main stage at 12:00pm, and the fairies want to see YOU there!

Get those fairy dancing shoes on, get ready to sing with loud fairy voices, and get ready to have some great fairy fun!

Saturday, 30th July, 2011 – Woolcock Park, Red Hill

Check out the website for more details!  www.redhillfair.com

How many Ladybirds in the Fairyland Paddock?

May 18th, 2011

Hello my fantastic fairy friends,

Let me tell you about my favourite thing to do in my free-fairy time. I love, love, love to go out into the ladybird paddock right next to my little red cottage and catch the ladybirds. There are lots of ladybirds there and they are quite quick, so it is very good exercise but makes my wings so very tired!

I like to catch them and count the spots on their backs.

At the moment there are 150 ladybirds in the paddock – it took me days to catch them all!

I found out that there are:

5 ladybirds with 1 spot
12 ladybirds with 2 spots
8 ladybirds with 3 spots
20 ladybirds with 4 spots
17 ladybirds with 5 spots
25 ladybirds with 6 spots
19 ladybirds with 7 spots
9 ladybirds with 8 spots
13 ladybirds with 9 spots
22 ladybirds with 10 spots

That means that the most popular number of spots is 6! Did you know that? It made me very happy because 6 is my very favourite fairy number!

Next time you see a ladybird, be sure to count the spots on her back. She might just be from the paddock next to me!

Lots of fairy hugs,

Poppy x

Camp Quality 2011 Brisbane Junior Camp

April 8th, 2011

Hello all!

Ribbons here and I’m just bursting to tell you all about the other day when Fairy Queen, Rosebud, Shimmer, Poppy and I went on a trip to a really fun camp. It was called Camp Quality and there were soooo many kids there. I’ve never been on camp before and had no idea how fun it could be. We made so many new friends and played some really fun games.

We played Fairy Freeze and had to dance like animals. One of the animals we had to dance like was a Snake! It’s really hard but very funny to wriggle on your belly like a snake. We blew some bubbles too! With so many of us blowing bubbles all at once it looked so beautiful as the bubbles danced in the wind. I’ve never seen them look so fantastic, not even in Fairyland! We also played limbo and I fell down. I felt pretty silly but everyone was so nice and we just kept playing.

I nearly forgot to tell you the BEST thing about this camp. It was a dinosaur themed camp! I really love dinosaurs. Did you know that a very long, long, long, long…long time ago (in people years) Fairies and Elves had to clean dinosaurs? Dinosaurs really liked to roll around in the dirt and mud so they got really mucky and some fairies had the job to cleaning them. Just like my job is to weave ribbons and Cupcakes job is to make cupcakes. Even my great great great great Grand-elf (Suds) was a Dinosaur cleaner. He had a big scrubbing brush with a long handle and washed Dinosaurs all day long. You might know that some dinosaurs were a little bit grumpy and didn’t like having a bath so the washing Fairies and Elves some sprinkle sleeping dust over them so they fall asleep before they could be cleaned. I think it would have been a really fun job to have.

I’m so glad that I got to go on camp and I know that Fairy Queen, Rosebud, Shimmer and Poppy were too. We had heaps of fun and made lots of memories. I hope I get go again.

Fairy hugs!

~~Fairy Princess Ribbons~~

Snapdragons and Gnomes gone wild!

March 23rd, 2011

Hello Fairy friends!

Petal here, with a few gardening updates.

As you know, the cooler months are approaching and a lot of the beautiful flowers in fairy land will be going to sleep until spring. I have started preparing to tuck all my little flower beds in to stay warm and happy during this time! The cherubs across the meadow have been helping me make little sleeping bags and quilts to put over the royal garden to ensure a warm snuggly rest for outstanding blooms in the spring!

All the flowers are  happy and welcoming their rest as they have had a busy season. All except the snap dragons! The snap dragons are cranky at me as they hate the season change! If you have cranky snapdragons in your garden I advise sprinkling some of Fairy Flosses rainbow popping candy on them first thing each morning. The popping candy slips into the soil and pops the snap dragons bad behavior up, up, and away, off to the goblin gorge where it belongs!

Fairy Princess Blossom and I will be starting to  plan the flower arrangements for the ‘Welcome back Spring festival’ shortly. It is a big celebration so we need to get started as soon as possible! If you have any suggestions on what flowers you would like to see at the festival, please come over for tea and fairy bread and let us know!

Thank you to Fairy Princess Apple for mentioning that there was a Gnome problem in the far east orchard. For those of you who don’t know about the situation, Apple spotted three gnomes coming and going each day, stealing some of her best apples! Fear not fairy friends, Fairy Princess Shimmer and I whipped up a batch of shimmery gnome-be-gone spray and we have not seen the little rascals since!

And finally a last thank you to Fairy Princess Summer and Fairy Princess Sunset for the beautiful last few days of summer time. I am loving the pink sunsets and the warm weather!

Pink, Love, and kisses!

And don’t forget to shake your arms!



Fairy Fudge Recipe from Floss!

March 10th, 2011

Hello My Little Fairy Friends!

I have been most excited to write and tell all about my new recipe! First let me tell you how I came up with it…

It was a beautiful starry night and the fairies were all headed to Crystal Castle for our regular Fairy Council Meeting. We have this glorious meeting to discuss the fun we have had at the parties and how lovely all our new Fairy Princesses are. Also it gives the fairies a fun chance to catch up and most of all to eat!

Every fairy brings a different dish, Summer brought some scrumptious chocolate summer cake, Fairy Queen brought some cherios (she loves those), Sprinkles brought pizza (yum) and normally I would bring some fairy floss. BUT I was busy working away that afternoon on a new fabulous flavour for the fairies to try, Caramel & Tulip, and my machine started making strange noises! It turns out that I had put in too much caramel and it was all sticky! So my fairy floss machine is broken and I had to send it to the Pixie, who fixes everything in Fairyland, to get it repaired.

I was very upset and had nothing to take to Fairy Council for the fairies to eat and then I was talking to Blaze my Unicorn and he suggested fudge! So I did some experimenting and it was so tasty I thought I would share it all with you. Remember Little Fairies when making yummy treats in the kitchen make sure Mum or Dad are there to help. Sometimes things are hot and we shouldn’t touch them on our own!

Enjoy my lovely recipe

Love and Kisses

Fairy Floss



  • Melted butter to grease
  • 1 400g can sweetened condensed milk
  • 100g butter, cubed
  • 250g (1 1/4 cups, firmly packed) brown sugar
  • 1 tbs golden syrup
  • 100g good-quality dark chocolate, finely chopped


  1. Brush a 20cm square pan with the melted butter to grease, then line with non-stick baking paper.
  2. Place the condensed milk, butter, brown sugar and golden syrup in a 3 litre (12-cup) heat-resistant glass bowl.
  3. Cook, uncovered for 10-12 minutes, stirring every 2 minutes, on Medium-High/ 650watts/70%, or until bubbles appear over the whole surface of the mixture.
  4. Add the chocolate and stir until smooth and well combined. Pour immediately into the prepared pan. Place in the fridge for 1 hour or until firm. Cut the fudge into 4cm x l0cm bars and then mark each into 2 portions using a sharp knife. Wrap in greaseproof paper and tie ends with string.

Crystal Castle Fairy Ball 2011

February 1st, 2011

Hello, my Beautiful Fairy Friends!

Well, I simply HAD to write to you all, to tell you about the fabulous ball we had at the Crystal Castle to see in 2011!

Fairy Princesses Stardust, Ribbons, Shimmer, and Buttons were all SO busy after Christmas making us all beautiful ballgowns! Mine was the most gorgeous, deep red of a beautiful Summer sunset, laced up with beautiful black ribbons and finished, of course, with a sprinkling of shimmer and stardust, to make it truly shine!

After I had put on an extra-special New Year’s Eve sunset, Fairy Princess Midnight worked her fairy magic to turn the ceiling of the ballroom in the Crystal Castle into a beautiful, clear midnight sky, filled with shining stars, and a cheeky, smiling moon, just for us! Even though it was midnight all night at the ball, thanks to Fairy Princess Summer, the temperature inside stayed lovely and warm.

The ballroom was decorated by Fairy Princesses Gumnut, Blossom, Petal, Poppy, and Crystal. My, what a spectacular job they did! The ballroom was transformed into a magical forest, just for the evening. Gorgeous, tall trees swayed in the light breeze, their leaves whispering secrets to each other, while butterflies flew around the darling flowers and toadstools down below. All the furniture in the room gleamed in amazing colours – every colour of the rainbow! Oh, how I wish you all could have seen it!

Oh my, I almost forgot the food! The Fairy Queen put on the most delicious spread, as always! With help from Fairy Princesses Apple, Truffles, Fairy Floss, and Cupcake, she filled the tables with every scrumptious food you can possibly imagine! My favourite was the chocolate mudcake we had for dessert… Fairy Queen’s secret ingredients are stardust, moonbeams, and just a hint of sunshine… But don’t tell her I gave them away!!!

After dinner, of course, we danced the night away! Fairy Princess Stardust played lovely music all night and, of course, Fairy Princess Petal led the dancing! Oh, how I wish you all could of been there! Luckily, some of our artistic fairies painted some pictures of the evening, so I hope they help you imagine how beautiful it was!

Lots of love to you all!

Fairy Princess Sunset

Fairy Princess Blossom parties in Croatia!

January 10th, 2011

Hello fabulous fairy friends,

Blossom reporting in for duty. I cannot believe it is 2011 already! The year has just flown by. Anyway, back to business. I have returned from my travels around London and Europe where I was visiting fairies from all around the place. I had the most fairy-fantastic time travelling around and spreading happiness to all the boys and girls that I met along the way.

My most special memory was when I was sitting on a secluded island in Croatia when I head a little buzzing sound. Turns out I had a special purple glitter bug saying hello. He was soooo tiny, about the size of my little pinky fingernail. He was whizzing and whirring all around my head, obviously excited about something. He then started to buzz away, so I decided to follow him. We climbed up a rocky mountain, swept through some bushy rainforest, and then splashed in puddles of water. It was so much fun and at the end of the journey, we arrived at a beautiful house made from vines, flowers, and leaves from the forrest. I knocked on the door and heard giggling inside. The door opened and I walked inside – you would not believe who I saw!

I saw, the ever so amazing, Fairy Princess Hvar. Now I’m sure you haven’t heard of this fairy but she is very special to us. Fairy Hvar makes sure that ALL the lavender in the world is grown and stands tall for us to harvest and make things smell pretty. If you’ve never smelt lavender before, make sure you ask Mummy and Daddy to show you some – it smells soooo beautiful. Anyway Fairy Princess Hvar was having a party!!! I went inside, shut the door and we partied all night! We ate sunflower popcorn, fairy bread, sunshine popsicles and soooo many butterfly cakes – I just had a wonderful time.

Oh my look at the time!! I must be off, but Fairy Princess Hvar sends her FAIRY KISSES to you all, and so do I. Be safe, smile lots, and have a fabulous day my fairy friends.

Love always,

Pixies in Fairyland Databases!

November 26th, 2010

Hello My Darling Fairies!

I have not forgotten you all – I have been very extra busy! Let me tell you what I have been doing lately… my lovely little friend Pixie Jamoo from Pixie Hollow has been helping create a wonderful computer program that is going to help the Fairy Queen be extra organised for all your birthdays! We have made a lovely long list of all the parties we have attended and made sure to keep a beautiful list of all our wonderful new Fairy Princesses! Pixie Jamoo is very clever with computers and has special Pixie Magic, sort of like pixie dust, that he sprinkles on the keyboard to help him create the wonderful Fairy Files. I have to make him an extra sweet and sticky batch of Pepsi Cola Fairy Floss. It is not very good for his teeth but it is his very favourite flavour!

Speaking of teeth, I visited the Tooth Fairy the other day and she told me that you have all been losing your baby teeth and she hoped you were getting the surprises she was leaving for you. She was showing me some beautiful pieces of Fairy furniture that she was finishing of from the teeth she had gathered – there was also a lovely sculpture of the Fairy Queen’s Pegasus Glimmer, that she was making for the Fairy Queen’s Christmas present! Shhh though, it’s a surprise!

Oooh Christmas – I nearly forgot! I have so much to do still – although I have started to decorate for the Fairy Christmas Light Parade. My garden has been strung with some beautiful shining stars I got from Twinkle and some lovely lanterns that are different colours – of course they were from Rainbow! Then I got Stardust to come and light them all up for me so they glow wonderfully. I still need to do a little bit of shopping. I am going to get some new Fairy slippers from Flip’s Footsy Parlour down on Butterfly Way for the Fairy Queen this year I think, she has such a love for slippers and I might even get Rosebud to add some little tinkling bells to them.

Well I hope you are all very excited for Santa to come and that you are all being very good little Fairies and Pixies!

I promise to write again very soon my wonderful fairy friends!

Love and hugs,

Fairy Princess Fairy Floss

McHappy Day Fairies at Chermside McDonalds

November 12th, 2010

It’s McHappy time!! At every McDonalds® store, $1 from every Big Mac & $3 from buying a silly straw (red, blue, white,) is donated to the Ronald McDonald House Charities. This is the day to buy a Big Mac if ever there was a day! Our gorgeous fairies will be lending a hand at the Chermside Macca’s and granting fairy wishes to boot! Come and say hello and help out a VERY worthwhile cause at the same time.

Did you know that McDonald’s® Australia pays all national administration and management costs for the Charity so that 100% of all donations can go directly to the programs it runs

These programs include:

– Ronald McDonald Houses – a home away from home for families of seriously ill children (so the family can stay together, in particular, the families that live in the country and are a long way from the children’s hospitals!)

– The Learning Program helps kids catch up with school after a long period of absence due to serious illness

Family Retreats are available for whole families to reconnect and have a little time out from the stressful time

Family Rooms within hospitals so that the family can stay with their sick child and still eat and do their laundry and all the normal things that need to happen within a family

Cord Blood Banks that collect and store life saving umbilical cord blood used mainly to treat childhood cancers.

(The above information has been provided by RMHC Quick Facts Guide – www.rmhc.org.au)

So as you can see – McHappy day is very important and McDonalds® aims to raise $2.8 million this year to support the fabulous work this charity does.

Please, please, please – drop into a McDonalds®, buy a Big Mac on McHappy day, or just drop a little spare change into their collection jars and help them to continue to provide their special support to these kids and their families.

With fairy huge hugs,

The Fairy Queen



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