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We formed Fairy Queen Productions in Brisbane in 2004 - a couple of women who wanted to provide a different slant to children's fairy parties. We decided that it would be great to crown little Princesses all over Brisbane, play games, and have fun with as many kids as possible. We each have a background in drama, we are both mums, and we believe we bring a fresh and spirited approach to entertaining kids. We know the stress that running a birthday party can bring, and we wanted to let Mums and Dads enjoy their children's parties without any worries. We hope you will consider us for your next special occasion; we'd like to help make it even more memorable!

Be sure to check our blog for any upcoming fabulous Fairy appearances!

Michelle Tierney
The Fairy Queen

Keeper of Crystal Castle, Pegasus Starfleet Alliance Member Number 1, and Ruler of All Fairyland - The Fairy Queen is a very busy fairy these days! Her favourite things to do in Fairyland are hosting gala balls at Crystal Castle and shopping for pearl encrusted shoes at King Neptune's Shoe Emporium. The Fairy Queen's favourite saying is, "Believe in Fairies, because they believe in you".

Michelle left her position as a project officer for the Department of Child Safety to concentrate on the growing success of Fairy Queen Productions. She has recently completed a Bachelor of Social Science/Bachelor of Arts at the University of Queensland and is (insanely) looking at post-grad study. Michelle enjoys reading the wicked philosophy and wisdom of Lucy from the "Peanuts" comic strip and sadly misses 'doing' parties due to her ever-growing administration role. She does, however, revel in taking to the stage during our live performance concerts.

Blue Card Number: 298403/4


Mechelle "Shelly" Walker

Crystal lives in Pegasus Palace, overlooking the Radiance River. It is her royal duty to look after the pegasusii for the Fairy Queen. She teaches them to formation fly and how to catch comets, and also shows them how to become invisible when a human is around. Her favourite thing to eat is buttercup tea served with strawberries and mooncream.

Shelly is also a student of the University of Queensland, studying a Bachelor of Social Work. She is the proud mother of 13-year-old Ehmily who was the inspiration behind Fairy Queen Productions, and is also mum to 6-year-old twins Tom & Lily. (The Fairy Queen's god-children by the way!) Mechelle enjoys sushi, riding donkeys and camels, and has been known to take pleasure in (very) bad 80's music.

Blue Card Number:  298565/4

Rebecca Wessels

Guess what Cupcake does in Fairyland? Yes! She bakes our cupcakes for us, and oh, what delicious cupcakes she bakes! While all the fairies are sleeping, cupcake is busily baking in the Fairy Queens' kitchen.  Fairy cupcakes are her favourite thing to bake (and eat).  First she mixes flour, butter, and sugar, and then carefully breaks in some eggs.  For the special ingredients that make the cupcakes magical and delicious, Cupcake adds a few drops of Fairy sprinkles, some sparkles from a unicorn's horn, a teaspoon of dust from a shooting star and finishes with a tiny sprinkling of rainbow dew.

Rebecca has a Bachelor of Education and works as an Early Childhood Officer.  Rebecca loves Fairy parties and enjoys playing lots of fun and exciting games like cat and mouse, musical spots, parachute games, and much, much more. We were fortunate enough to have Bec join us in April 2009, and like all of our fairies, she is never allowed to leave Fairyland!

Blue Card Number: 142442/5

Shea Welsh

Petal lives at Mushroom Meadow in Fairyland. Her father is a gnome and her mother is a flora fairy, so naturally Petal has a pair of green thumbs. Petal's official role in Fairyland is to watch over the Fairy Queen's official flower garden. She distributes flowers to Crystal Castle weekly, and also to unexpecting humans to brighten their day or help celebrate special events!

Shea studied early childhood in high school, obtained a Cert III working with children and began with FQP in July 2007. A current First Aid Certificate holder, Shea is in her final year at University studying to be a midwife so she can help to deliver all of those fairy babies. She is all about being silly with the kids and the parents - the more laughing done the better! And of course, she has excellent dance moves. (Just ask Shea).

Blue Card Number: 398635/3

Alisha Welly

Blueberry lives in Lollipop Lane, down behind Mushroom Meadows, kind of across the road from Sprinkles actually! Her job in Fairyland is to to ripen and give the sweet flavour to all the blueberries. Blueberry has three elf brothers (Blackberry, Mulberry and Raspberry) and a little fairy sister named Strawberry. She loves to visit her siblings and play with them all underneath the family boysenberry tree.

Alisha joined FQP at the beginning of April 2011. She is currently studying a Bachelor of Health Sciences (Naturopathy) and cares very much about the environment. She is the oldest of 5 siblings and so she brings many skills of being with children and playing games. Alisha has a bright outlook on life, doesn't take herself too seriously, loves to talk until the sun comes up, and hopes to get a dog soon!

Blue Card Number: 1038766/1

Rachel Peacock

Apple's royal duty is to ensure that all Fairies eat healthy, fresh food every day. She lives with her baby sister Princess Strawberry and her mum Fairy Watermelon in the big apple house over on Orchard Lane. Apple enjoys making fruit salad and always makes sure there is apple included: either pink lady, gala, or granny smiths!

Rachel is currently studying a Bachelor of Occupational Therapy at the University of Queensland. She also currently works at the after-school care in her old primary school as she just couldn't let go of the place and does the occasional stint in her cousins' florist shop! Always smiling, always giggling, often seen eating McDonalds, Rachel has been a much loved addition to our Fairy family since June 2009.

Blue Card Number: 855888/1


Emma Bacchetto

Moonlight's very important job in Fairyland is to (can you guess what it is?) .... help the moon rise every night! Her grandmother, Fairy Moonshine, was responsible for the moon AND the stars rising each night, but after she turned 1200 years old, it became a bit much for her to do both the stars and the moon. So She taught Moonlight the tricks of the trade and handed over her special bottle of moon polish and so now it's Moonlight's turn to shine. In her spare time, Moonlight likes to surf the milky way, play guitar while telling stories, and of course, dance on the moon. 

Emma joined the Crystal Castle Crew in April 2012. She tells me that the word that sums her up the best is 'skedaddle', because it reminds her of harmless and innocent chaos. Emma is currently studying social science and creative writing at UQ and would love to write as a profession. Amongst all the travel she would like to do as well, that is! After many years of running kids parties around jumping castles, we are very happy to have her on board!

Blue Card Number: 1082333/1


Franciska Schmoll

Marigold's favourite colour is orange, like the orange Marigold flower. Did you know that you can also eat the Marigold flower, so, in Marigold's case - you are what you eat! She is seamstress of all the ball gowns and dresses for the Fairies and learnt how to sew because her mother kept ripping dresses on the thorns of her bushes (her mum's name was Bramble - go figure!). So Marigold makes dresses that are both very strong and very beautiful. She rides her pet dragonfly, Peppy, all over Fairyland, looking for special new materials to sew.

Franciska has a background in drama, developed through her Bachelor of Creative Industries, and brought her skills to FQP in June 2012. She has worked with children for years, has participated in the 'Out of the Box' festival, and wants to be a creative industries practitioner who can sustain herself by creative work alone. She wants to create work that changes people’s lives and says something about who she is in the world.

Blue Card Number: 692002/2


Aimee Beacham

Starlight's favourite place in Fairyland is at the top of the rainbow slide getting ready for a really fast ride. That tells you alot about the kind of Fairy Starlight is. She loves fun and excitement, and doesn't mind a bit of an adrenaline rush either! Starlight is the Fairyland resident ballerina. She is often seen at the Crystal Castle auditorium, performing her special solo rendition of 'Swan Lake', which we have renamed 'Star Lake'. Ask her to show you how to do the perfect Fairy arabesque next time you see her!

Aimee joined the fairies at Crystal Castle in June 2012. Her dance and drama experience started back when she was only four years old, and she has toured professionally throughout New Zealand since the age of seven. Aimee is a qualified dance teacher and her favourite saying is from Dr Seuss.. ‘Be who you are and say what you feel, because those that mind don’t matter, and those that matter don’t mind"!

Blue Card Number: 1132528/1

April Jenkinson
Fairy Floss

Naturally, Fairy Floss's favourite food is Fairy Floss! She is the chief Fairy Floss maker of Fairyland and we all marvel at the wonderful flavours Floss creates. You really should try her Marshmallowed Dewdrop flavour - it's quite delicious! You'll often find Fairy Floss down at the Fairy Forest amongst the wild flowers and big, old and wise trees, where there are many little animals to meet and play with.

April works for the Queensland Police Department during the week, and when the weekend comes she is all smiles and the proud mum of elf Seth and new little Fairy baby Lacy. After many years of involvement with youth organisations, her wealth of experience in entertaining children has been seen at our parties since July 2007. April is one of our more organised fairies and is often seen around FQHQ, helping the fairy factory prepare for another fabulous event.

Blue Card Number: 536968/3

Jem Harris

Sprinkles is mad about, well, sprinkles! You can tell where she has been in Fairyland because she covers everything in sprinkles, especially all of our Fairy bread. Her mum is a dust Fairy and her dad, Papa Sprinkles, is a water Fairy, but she decided she wanted a more colourful life and chose to use her sprinkle skills for fun instead.

Jem holds a Bachelor of Primary Education/Bachelor of Arts (Childrens Literature) and is also mum to little Fairy Stella, so she is well equipped to host children's parties. She is well organised and is big on planning things out, we think that's the teacher in her! Jem joined FQP in November 2010 and loves to tell us all "Bloom where you are planted" (wise words I think!)

Blue Card Number: 972945/3

Emily Bennett

Summer's main job in Fairyland is to make sure that the sun is all fit and ready for the summer months. She takes over from Fairy Princess Spring every year and helps the sun shine both bright and long, so we can all enjoy our fabulous summer days. You can see how close Summer has been to the sun when you look at her hair. Touches of sunlight bounce off it, and we are certain that it gets blonder every year!

Emily joined FQP in October 2009, just as she (very excitedly) completed her Senior studies. She is currently working full-time for a child care centre while studying for her certificate three in children services to become a qualified assistant. Emily is a little on the cheeky side of things, and shows boundless energy and enthusiasm at all of her Fairy parties.

Blue Card Number: 807578/2

Sarah Kelly

Gumnut is our fair-dinkum, ridgey-didge, true-blue Aussie fairy. It is her role to take care of all the Australian flora and fauna in Fairyland. She takes her role very seriously, and can be seen up bright and early, taking all of the kangaroos for their morning aerobics session. She has recently been arranging zumba lessons for the possums, glass-blowing sessions for the echidnas, and knitting classes for the koalas as she wants to teach them how to knit colourful socks.

Sarah brought her madness, loudness, and gigantic smile to FQP in May 2010. She is currently a manager at McDonalds, and convinced us (without too much effort) to join in with the McHappy Day fund raising activities. Sarah is full of energy and seems to be completely unflappable in any circumstance. We are pretty certain Sarah would like to be a crazy sock designer in her retirement years (which are so far away, she will be able to come up with some magnificent designs between now and then).

Blue Card Number: 955734/1


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